Monday, May 3, 2010


The air is warmer and the breeze coming in the bedroom window at night is fresh and wonderful.

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the new leaves.

I love the serenity of this part of spring.

Flowers are beginning to bloom and days are getting longer.

I will always remember this as the time of year when the Northern Lights go away.

It seems an incredibly romatic notion now.

Until fall...


  1. do people who live where there are no distinct seasons still feel the change of them? Do those in human services always know when the full moon is coming by how their patients or customers act? How can we not feel the turning of the earth?

  2. I think that people who live where there are less significant season changes are much more sensitive to the little indications that a new season is coming. It is all relative, after all. Some of us are just used to a big slap in the face. What we think of as no change is all too obvious to others.

    I have come to realize that there is a full moon for at least one person everyday.

    As for not being able to feel the turn, I think once again that it is all relative. We are so small and insignificant in comparison to the planet, that we have no way of feeling our collective spinning. It is simply too much for us.