Thursday, May 6, 2010


Does anyone else ever wonder at what point their world starts falling into place and all the individual parts of what they will become start lining up in whatever jagged and mysterious paths they need to form in order to become who they need to become?

I can trace a path from very near the beginning of my life to where I am now that shows exactly what stones in the road, both beneficial and detrimental, I stepped on that made me exactly who I am today.

At any given point, we may wonder if the next step is the right one. We might think of all the possible outcomes of that one step and all the different options taking that step opens, or closes. Does the endless pondering, in the end, change the eventual choice and thereby, the outcome? Or do blind leaps of faith serve more than just our spontaneous natures and actually yield the best results?

The further down the road one gets, it seems all those individual steps that seemed so important and full of possibility really only add up to the whole, and in retrospect don't always seem so earth shaking. Even the most horrible things don't always live up to the attention given them at the time.

Is the unknown always really so unknown? I am beginning to wonder.

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  1. Destiny. Whether chosen with painstaking decision making or leaps of faith it is what we seek-- to know where we are welcome, safe and meant to be.

    If you know, you can trace the path and see where you have been shaped to be where you are. You can look back with a sense of accomplishment.

    If you don't know, then the unknown is still really unknown.